Emilie Tourrette Brunet started Tour Brune’s adventure in 2017 with only 0,8 hectare around Chaudefonds sur Layon where the Layon river flows into the Loire river. The vineyard is in West part of France, in Anjou, in Loire valley. It grew up slowly to reach 3,8 hectares in 2021. The vines are old (from 35 to 85 years old) and from chenin, black grolleau, gamay, pineau d’Aunis, cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon varieties. They are planted on schist soils (Anjou noir). They are conducted with organic tools (grappes are certified with Ecocert) and some biodynamic mixtures are applied.
The vineyards are home to barnyard animals, sheep, bees and also planted with other varieties of trees, plants to develop biodiversity and natural resilience. The willing is to use as less of engine as possible.

The wine are made with low-intervention spirit. The most has to be done in the vineyards not in the cellar. They are made with indigenous lees and without additional inputs, even sulphur. They are aging in sandstone jar, glass demijohn, barrels or tanks.